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We create and manage virtual events and livestreams for schools, governments, non-profits, & corporations all around the world. From live corporate training to online certification programs – we have you covered.

Remote Recording

Let us record your entire event virtually from our U.S. offices.

online convention

Live Onsite Recording

Our team comes to your event. Anywhere in the world.

V-CUBE Webcasting services, Seminar Videography Services

Virtual Event Services

Let us create & record your entire virtual event anywhere in the world.


We are your number one partner for virtual webcasting world-wide and onsite live streaming.  We can produce and manage your virtual seminar at any location world-wide.  Have our team manage your entire virtual event.

We also offer turnkey LMS and LMS Course Content Creation Services.

Our ASKnLearn™ Learning Management System (LMS) has more than 100 e-learning tools and administrative functions that allow you to customize to your requirement.  It also supports IT infused teaching, collaborative learning, formative assessments, mobile learning and more.

Virtual Event Production for Meetings, Conferences & Fundraiser Events
Virtual Event Producer


We work with local Chambers or Commerce, Governments, Corporate Entities, Publicly Traded Companies, Private and Educational clients from around the world.  Clients such as USC, Microsoft, Intel, British Telecom and more rely on us for their virtual and onsite webcasting needs.

We have offices all around the world and can be at your location or be your virtual event concierge at a moments notice.


No matter how big or small your virtual conference is, we can produce your onsite or virtual events anywhere in the world – anytime you need us.

We capture your live seminars, virtual webinar events, conferences, etc. and design, edit and upload content to an online archived library for your customers .

We can also create virtual certification programs for live and archived content for your business out of your seminars.

We also offer Online Course Content Creation and Animation services.

Conference Videographers, V-CUBE Webcasting services, Live Streaming Videography Services
Live Streaming Services

Monetize and market your virtual events using the latest virtual meeting and certification course software.  Connect presenters remotely to a virtual room where they can attend without having to travel.  Our team will be your virtual event concierge.

Whether your webcasting needs are for a small event or a multi-day major conference, V-cube can satisfy this virtual experience with a dedicated team of highly experienced web professionals. We offer unparalleled service across the globe, bringing the best to you no matter your location.

Corporate Videography, V-CUBE Webcasting services
V-CUBE Webcasting services

Multiple Layout Options

Customized Layouts also Available
V-CUBE Webcasting services
Corporate Videography, V-CUBE Webcasting services
Corporate Videography, V-CUBE Webcasting services
V-CUBE Webcasting services, Seminar Videography Services


We’ve traveled to many different countries serving major clients include BT, Microsoft, BMW and Intel, all of them using our unique fixed rate pricing. What this means is that no matter where’re you’re located, we offer a flat fee for internet broadcasting that includes the flight, hotel, and transportation to and from your webcasting venue for our team of technicians. You’ll find our fixed prices to be much lower than the competition, and we state all our costs upfront. This deal applies anywhere in the world, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with V-Cube.

Corporate conferences can’t afford to try getting by with boring slideshows or a lack of internet connectivity; these days organizers and attendees alike expect the best from corporate webcasting including full internet connectivity and the ability to tune in remotely without any problems. V-Cube has you covered with our flaw-free service and smooth connections.

Service Examples

Video with Side-By-Side Presentation

Video with Side-by-Side PowerPoints have become the standard in dynamic viewing of content. Online viewers can really feel the message of the speaker and follow in-sync with the Presentation. This layout is utilized for most of our libraries. Click image to view.

Multiple Camera Shots Angles

Having multiple camera angles can really bring a professional production to your content. With multiple cameras we can eliminate Zoom, Panning, and Tracking. This gives your content clean cuts to the speaker(s). Click image to view.

Marketing Promo Videos

V-cube offers a variety of services. The Highlight Promo reel is one of our favorites. We capture engaging moments from  your conference and combine them into a 4-6 minute video that can make your event stand out from the rest. Click image to view.

Video of Panel Discussions

V-cube offers multiple layout options that can really enhance the viewing experience. The panel discussion layout, really helps your viewers see and comprehend the discussions. Format must be chosen before production. Click image to view.

Live Streaming with Lower Thirds

V-cube is a reliable source to live stream events and conferences. We offer a *featured lower thirds option to enhance the viewership experience by adding names and titles to sessions during a live stream.  Click image to view.

Audio over PowerPoints

V-cube offers a cost effective option to capture multiple concurrent rooms at your conference. Allow us to structure a cost effective proposal to record and archive all  your important sessions.  Click image to view.

Are you considering options for an Online Event?

Call us to speak with a V-cube Professional for a guided tour of some examples.

Expand Your Conference

Gain Ongoing Marketing Benefits. Let Your Content Market Your Conference.

New Audiences

No longer be constrained by event location. Tap into new remote audiences not required to travel.

Build Archives

Own a video archive of all your educational programs. All the content belongs to you.
Webcasting Companies, V-Cube Webcasting, live streaming


We work with our clients to carefully tailor our skills to your needs, whether it’s large-scale corporate events allowing users to watch on-site and remote at the same time, or smaller-scale virtual conference webcasting services with just a handful of users who need access to webcasts in one or two rooms in the same building — the team at V-Cube has what you need.

One of our most appreciated special skills is finding the right way to present your important event to the people attending it, so that you get the most professional display. For example, if you’re hosting a panel discussion that you want to webcast we will set up the video so that every member of the panel is clearly identified and understood.

Or if you’re hosting virtual managed webinars with accompanying PowerPoint presentations, we’ll ensure that the speaker precisely matches the slides, creating the seamless, professional webcast you desire.

V-CUBE Webcasting services

Virtual and Onsite Webcasting

Launched in 1998, V-cube has more than 450 full-time staff at offices in the United States, Japan and France, able to cater to businesses around the world, including first-rate technicians providing flawless audio and visual services.

We’ve built a loyal customer base and have become the first choice for Live Webcasting and, Virtual Webcasting and we’re ready to serve your needs

Live Streaming Videography Services

Companies that use our services

We specialize in recording and streaming live events in any venue.
Turn your presentation into long term value for your business community.

Early booking with us can get you a discount, so if you’re looking for the best quality webcasting services at an unbeatable price get in touch with V-Cube today.

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