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Corporate Videography

Multiple Layout Options

Customized Layouts also Available
Corporate Videography
Corporate Videography

Service Examples

Video with Side-By-Side Presentation

Video with Side-by-Side PowerPoints have become the standard in dynamic viewing of content. Online viewers can really feel the message of the speaker and follow in-sync with the Presentation. This layout is utilized for most of our libraries. Click image to view.

Multiple Camera Shots Angles

Having multiple camera angles can really bring a professional production to your content. With multiple cameras we can eliminate Zoom, Panning, and Tracking. This gives your content clean cuts to the speaker(s). Click image to view.

Marketing Promo Videos

V-cube offers a variety of services. The Highlight Promo reel is one of our favorites. We capture engaging moments from  your conference and combine them into a 4-6 minute video that can make your event stand out from the rest. Click image to view.

Video of Panel Discussions

V-cube offers multiple layout options that can really enhance the viewing experience. The panel discussion layout, really helps your viewers see and comprehend the discussions. Format must be chosen before production. Click image to view.

Live Streaming with Lower Thirds

V-cube is a reliable source to live stream events and conferences. We offer a *featured lower thirds option to enhance the viewership experience by adding names and titles to sessions during a live stream.  Click image to view.

Audio over PowerPoints

V-cube offers a cost effective option to capture multiple concurrent rooms at your conference. Allow us to structure a cost effective proposal to record and archive all  your important sessions.  Click image to view.

Recapture Your Event

Gain endless benefits with event archiving and video marketing distribution

Expand Your Conference

Gain Ongoing Marketing Benefits. Let Your Content Market Your Conference.

New Audiences

No longer be constrained by event location. Tap into new remote audiences not required to travel.

Build Archives

Own a video archive of all your educational programs. All the content belongs to you.

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