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Visual Word Cloud

Visual Word Cloud
If you want to impress your viewers with words and imagery in one go, there’s no better contender than a visual word cloud. Unique and impressive, it’ll help add an element of artistry to your webcast, and it’s going to also be an example of collaboration, too, for extra appeal. Interested in how that all comes together? Take a look.

How does a visual word cloud work?
This is one of those really exciting elements to add to a webcast that is going to be refreshingly simple in the best possible way. What it does is create a visual cloud shape using words.

To use this, webcast creators will ask a question. This question will appear on screen with a field for an answer. These can be designed to pop up at particular points of your webcast so that users can answer with relevant responses.

The responses will be submitted and then, behind the scenes, the technology will create a visual image of a cloud using multicoloured words in various sizes and designs to help create the image using the real answers that people submitted. The cloud will be put on screen for everyone to see their answers in real time!

How is this helpful in webcasts?
There are so many reasons and ways that this can be helpful when you are doing a webcast. Some of the best things to enjoy include:

● Fun and engaging Q&A: You design the questions, which means that viewers will be answering with responses that are relevant to what they’re hearing about. Great for making sure that you are really encouraging viewers to interact with the webcast.

● Timed questions and responses for the best effect: These fun little designs are especially helpful because they’ll show up at just the right time. They are going to be carefully formulated with their fields to show up on the screen for viewers to enter their answer when needed. This can be helpful for those that want to make sure their viewers are paying attention, too!

● A visual display of text for comfort and modern design: Text itself on the screen is kind of boring, no wonder how intriguing teh question and response themselves are. The visual design of the cloud, with its colours and fun creation to blend the words together, makes even the most mundane questions look fascinating!

Bring it all together
Back in the day, perhaps you wouldn’t have the option of blending customer engagement with teamwork, words, and art. But details like these really help bring together all of your crucial components and show you that anything is possible when you focus on the right professionalism and tools from V-Cube to help you out. It’s one of those tiny little details for engagement that makes all of the difference for your viewers. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

You deserve to give viewers a truly remarkable experience, and something as innovative as a visual word cloud is certainly going to do that for you, and then some. 

How effective are they in real use?

Very effective, it turns out. Viewers want to understand what you’re talking about as much as you want them to. This means that having details like screen overlay and real-time rendering, etc can really help people engage with what you're showing them.

In many cases, many viewers will find that something liek properly designed content panel tools can make him feel like they’re right in the room with the presenter -- in a good way -- and it will boost engagement and comprehension in real trackable ways that lead to a better response from all of those who are tuned in.

Remember the goal
From classic lecture webinars to more interactive presentations with chats, the goal is to engage viewers and make sure that your points are really hitting home. The key to that is going to be the concept of using technology as your intended ally. Something like a content panel can make the difference!

You deserve to have the right tools working their magic for you, and that means relying on V-Cube for properly matched, effectively designed use of just the right tools. When you’re hunting for proper use of, and enjoyment with, content panel engagement tool choice, team up with the right experienced professionals to get all of the benefits that are waiting for you.

How can it be used for your event?
Let’s take a look at a few examples to show you just how this interactive cutting edge technology from V-Cube can be effective in webinars, webcasting, and other virtual event streaming and recording.

● Access to customers on demand: The pulse tracking is accessible from the start to the end of the webcast, allowing for customers to simply pop it up when they want to react, and then make it disappear again. It can also be prompted to appear and disappear if you so choose, as the webcast creator.

● Customized buttons: There are all sorts of ways to customize the available pulse reactions. This allows you to help people react in a way that feels authentic for them, and also relevant to the points being made. For example if a situation calls for the webmaster notifying of policy or rule changes, someone can like or dislike them. If webvcaster asks if people agree/approve or disapprove, the buttons can reflect that, too, to give real feedback as they are speaking.

● Repeated feedback throughout the presentation: At any point, customers can react using the provided buttons, even as they change and adapt from one part of the presentation This allows for a long-term reaction tracking both in the moment, and after fact.

How is this helpful?
When looking at something like this, its effectiveness can be difficult to see at first. The best way is to compare it to social media reactions. You know how watching live videos, you’ll see the different emojis pop up? It’s like this, but for business purposes. It helps users track how effective their content is, at what point they lose their viewer’s interest, and then use that data to help better their future webcasts.

The power of technology
It’s pretty strange to think that something this specific and accurate can be recorded and used later for analytics in improving your customer engagement levels, but it’s the truth! Even better, it’s used regularly and it has a serious and relevant role to play when it comes to your data analytics and long-term customer engagement.

If you are ready to upgrade to the modern world and want V-Cube to help you understand just what that is going to mean, then you’ll certainly want to include real time pulse tracking in your engagement suite, even if it still seems like something otherworldly! 

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