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Virtual Events

Virtual Event Production for Live Events, Live Streaming, and Live Conference services of unparalleled quality for all venues and conferences.

What is a virtual event?

Virtual event can be any type of event that takes place online such as a conference a live stream or a webinar. these events will take place online and can be accessed through a computer laptop or cell phone.

These can be great tools for marketing as they can greatly increase the number of people who attend the live conference online. People are able to join in to the virtual conference from anywhere in the world.

You will also be able to hire presenters that will not need to travel who will be able to easily participate in the comfort of their own home.

Online virtual events can increase the attendance because people are more likely to attend without having to worry about paying for travel and hotel expense.

Our staff can remotely manage your event and make it as seamless as possible for you to produce a successful virtual event.

Webcasting Services

Webcasting Services
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Virtual Webinar Production Services

Our technician will come equipped with everything necessary to execute your next virtual meeting seamlessly whether, via our VIRTUAL WEBINAR PRODUCTION service or an online course module, our VIRTUAL COURSE CREATION team will expertly ensure that your message is transmitted to the far reaches of the world with quality.

Virtual Webinar

There are a host of technical things a webinar requires like managing slides, image transitions, and Q&A sessions.  Our V-cube technician will monitor the video, audio, and other technical aspects of the webinar.

If you want to run other virtual service packages, we have the Virtual Course Creation service, Virtual Convention Production service, and the Virtual Event Production.


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Virtual Events Production

Our virtual events production services provide a hands-on approach to  making the best of your event.

You will work with an experienced V-cube technician who will help you at each phase of your webinar & provide technical insight where necessary.

We will also aid you in planning your webinar. We will also guide you on how to best utilize the service to suit your needs and develop an engaging webinar. Our technician will create virtual groups in which the webinar will take place. We will oversee the pre-production rehearsal and content upload.

Conference Videography
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As VIRTUAL EVENT PRODUCERS, we promise the inevitable positive virtual event experience for your target crowd as well as your planning and you will have absolutely nothing to worry about. Our V-cube technicians will oversee your event so you can concentrate on the other important aspects of your meeting.


We provide our services and adapt promptly according to the set timeline. It is on us to manage the virtual event design inline with the theme of the event and handle the coordination and management of the streaming logistics.

Prior to the D-day of your events, our V-cube technicians will run pre-stream demonstrations and work for hand in hand with all remote teams. We will also be on hand to install the necessary program elements within the main event location wherever you are as a benefit of our more mobile tendency at no extra costs. We will cover the hotel and transport costs of our professional technicians. Making sure all production logistics, including rehearsals and modifications to broadcast execution are done within an inch of perfection in order to mitigate technical.

We will also actively leave room for extra speculative late changes to contents and arrangement alterations to the event’s profile while maintaining quality production.

V-cube’s virtual events management policies will help you to solve your immediate and it promises to deliver on the brand-enhancing experience our customers have grown to admire us for! Choose to take us up on our offer of effective management of the VIRTUAL EVENT PRODUCTION necessary to improve the outlook of your business.

Service Packages Include

  • Dedicated On-site Technician(s)

  • All Equipment (camera, computer, etc.)

  • High Definition Video and Audio

  • Recording and LIVE Production

  • Video + Timed PowerPoint Presentations

  • Each Session Saved as High Definition MP4 File

  • Online Video Library (12 months)

  • Customized Landing Page

  • All Rights to Content Belong to You

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