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Trustworthy and Professional Webcasting for Medical Conferences

Trustworthy and Professional Webcasting for Medical Conferences

There’s perhaps never been a more important time for safe and reliable alternatives when it comes to webcasting for medical conferences. Whether you’re on the hunt for help with live webcasting services, or you’re instead searching for something like more targeted, academic virtual medical conventions, we make the logical choice for any and all.


Your trusted source for webcasting for medical conferences

These days, having the right technology to make streaming and recording and online access is more important than ever.  However, many companies may offer all of these services, but they’re cobbled together as an afterthought.  This leads to a breakdown in communication and, inevitably, a problem when the time comes to host a large convention.  Allow us to show you how it should be done.


  • In person, online, or a hybrid: Conferences have changed and now often blend together in-person and online uses. Very few set-ups are ready to work this into their production capability, but we work specifically with this hybrid need in mind. Both in-person and online attendees will get the same focus and attention with none having to take a backseat to the other.


  • Included integration with our LMS: A conference is best paired with a learning management system (LMS), and ours is going to be included with our services so that your attendees can access the information they need when they need it for further learning and reading on your topic. Straight-forward and simple, it’s as easy to set up as it is to access on both sides.


  • All-inclusive pricing: Since budget is crucial to know upfront, we have our packages all priced simply so that you can know what the final number is going to be from set up to travel expenses and more, all before you confirm us. More control and comfort in knowing you are trusting the right people who have all of the right details in place — ones that you care about and need.  No games or tricks.


  • Professional experts you can rely on: Just as if you are medical experts in your own community, we are experts in ours. We understand that you are looking for the best way to get your updates and releases to those around the world, and we are here to do just that.  Our employees are highly trained professionals themselves in all of our equipment, processes, and more.  From set up to tear down to troubleshooting, to professionalism in video and audio, it’s all taken care of flawlessly so that you can rely on us to do what you need to do, faster and easier than ever before.



There are lots of details to get right when it comes to a conference and all that you’re using it for.  Leave the tech to us so that you can put your mind on the things that really matter.  When you’re looking for a modern take on webcasting for medical conferences, we hope that you’ll trust us at V-Cube to make everything easier and much more convenient now, and in the times to come.

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