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Text Scrolling Ticker

You’ve seen the effectiveness of a text scrolling ticker before, though it most often appears with the words of “breaking news” when you’re catching up on the world’s events. Well, now you can harness its power for good by taking a look at just how it will improve our overall webcast engagement.

How does the text scroller ticker work?
This works as simply as you’d expect. It’s a small band that you can put at the bottom or top of your screen and fill it with text that will scroll through at just the right intervals for the needs of your viewers. This can be pre-planned text that will scroll at just the right time. It will also be in real-time so that you can update your webcast as needed. This is especially helpful for those that are using it for data from other feeds. It helps the viewers get a really good understanding of what they need to know in small, digestible portions.

Top benefits of using this for engagement
There are so many positives waiting for you with V-Cube’s modern and easy-to-use scrolling ticker on your webcast. The highlights are below for you!

● Proper pacing with easy-to-read text: The text is going to be designed to be read, first and foremost. It won’t whiz past with no time to understand it. It’ll be scrolled carefully and slowly to promote easy reading. The text itself is also formatted just right to be easy to read so that there’s no misunderstanding what the ticker is communicating.

● Can be updated in real-time: Both pre-planned, and updated in real-time, this is going to be a really helpful and supportive engagement tool, specifically when you are updating things like numbers, statistics, and other critical information related to the webcast’s subject. Need to update it at the last-minute? It’s designed to work seamlessly that way too!

● Helps educate viewers without overwhelming them: Lastly, ticker tape can be a huge support in helping educate and update viewers without overwhelming them with massive amounts of text. Designed in small tidbits and scrolled through slowly, it'll help pass on the information without making people think it’s being shoved down their throats. Important for information-rich broadcasts.

Tickers still play an important role
There are a lot of benefits to something like classic ticker tape. The goal is to allow V-Cube to make it brand new again, using top of the line technology and a great modern vibe that will help viewers see it as vital information when watching your webcast. As classic and outdated as they seem, all it takes is the right overall design and focus to make them brand new again, in all of the best ways.

When you need a subtle blend of retro functionality with modern tech, you’re in just the right spot to make the best out of both for overall engagement of your viewers. Even if you didn’t think that your text was worth the worthy position of a text scrolling ticker, think again!  

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