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Stress-Free Virtual Conferences Done Your Way

The power is within your hands to create virtual conferences worth watching.  Even if you don’t think the corporate world is ready to go virtual, the opposite is true as far as the evidence is concerned.  Now more than ever, the professional world has gone virtual, and the results are positive in all of the best ways.

What we do

Our job is to help you step into this new online power with the use of our virtual events and equipment.  With a carefully trained team of professionals, using top of the line equipment, you’ll be able to have us on -hand to help you take your conference or event and make it a beautiful blend of offline and virtual.

Whether you are looking to put on a conference, a specific event, or even virtual trade shows, our guys will be ready to help in any way that we can to make it seamless and stress-free.

Perks to virtual conferences

There are all sorts of perks to consider when you are looking to create a professional virtual conference that is going to help people from all over the world be a part of it, even if you don’t think so right now.  Some perks include:


  • You don’t need to choose between virtual and in-person: Too often, it’s one or the other. Not with us.  We offer you a hybrid blend of in-person and virtual integration.  Your employees in a boardroom get just as much attention as your coworker in Switzerland, and everyone can be a part of the conversation.  Seamlessly blending offline with online, you’ll get the best of both.


  • We will come to you: All of our employees come fully equipped to handle your conference, event or trade show. Experienced and comfortable with both the proceedings as well as our equipment, you’ll enjoy stress-free live-action virtual capability that requires no extra effort from you!


  • Fixed rates for budgeting: We understand that planning one of these events is going to be a big cost for you. That’s why we offer clear, upfront pricing with fixed costs.  Including everything from the hotel, to the flight, to the service itself, you’ll know the flat free before confirming the order so that you can finance it at your own convenience.  No extra charges or additional costs that are going to be delivered to you after the fact.


  • Control and access through our LMS: All of our services come with access to our learning management system (LMS), too. We create a hub for all of our customers that allows them access to customizable learning content that will help make your virtual event a lot more successful and interactive for those near and far.


When it comes to meeting the modern need of the customer, there is no better solution than one that focuses on the online world and virtual services.  Informed and prepared with the right professional support through V-Cube, you’re ready to create virtual conferences that promote you to the big leagues for all of the right reasons.

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