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Companies, non-profit organizations and others looking to stream video for their events know that V-Cube is the company that can satisfy their requirements, whether it’s for a small-scale one-day project or a multi-day event with streaming from several locations.

For more than 10 years we’ve been perfecting the art of streaming videos for our ever-growing client base. Our staff of more than 450 employees includes a dedicated team of audio and visual experts who can tailor your requirements to the perfect video presentations, ensuring the highest quality recording with flawless upload and streaming quality.

Our dedication to giving our customers the very best helps to explain how we’ve built up a loyal client base that includes international corporate titans like BT, Microsoft, BMW and Intel, as well as countless small non-profit groups and others seeking the best video streaming service on offer. We’d be honored to have you join the list of satisfied V-Cube clients.

We’re ready to work to answer your live video stream requirements regardless of where you or your event are located. Among our competitors we stand out with a pledge to travel to clients anywhere in the world. We dispatch teams from our locations in the United States, France and Japan to you, and they will offer dedicated service for the entire time they’re with you.

All we need to know from you before the event is what type of video you need, including how many days we’ll be recording and how many different presentations that you want recorded. When it comes to livestreaming we can do whatever the job requires; there’s no project too small or too big and we perform each task with the same high quality. Our team will arrive one day before your event to set up the streaming audio video equipment and make sure everything’s working perfectly, guaranteeing smooth flawless productions every time.

When you work with V-Cube you work with a one-step digital media management company. We not only help you to produce first-rate must-see videos but we also keep copies of your events in an archive that is free for you to access for up to 12 months. This means you can keep showing off your presentations to new clients for a year after they were live streamed.

Regardless of the size of your company or organization, we’ve got the team and tools necessary to provide stellar media management services, taking care of every aspect of the video production from initial concept through to making the final product.

If you’d like to stream video at your next event, get in touch with V-Cube today to ask for a free all-inclusive quote on hiring us. As a reminder, we will travel anywhere in the world to our clients no matter the size or duration of the project. And as an added incentive for getting in touch, we offer some discounts to customers who book their projects early.

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