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Social Feed Integration

Social Feed Integration

Social Feed Integration
You know about the sheer power of social feed integration, but do you know how to make it a reality for something like your webinar? It’s one of those small details that most people don’t use correctly, or effectively. That’s where V-Cube is going to be able to help! They’ll support you in proper comprehension and use of just those right details!

What is social feed integration?
Social feeds can come from a few places. The popular ones these days are Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. All of these can be integrated into your webinar so that when someone posts about it, it’ll show up in real time on the screen as you present. This is the case both for viewers and presenters, if wanted.

This is valuable for those that rely on hashtags, specifically. Branded hashtags designed for a specific webinar do a lot of positive things for your overall ranking, and making sure that they show up on the feed integration is going to help improve engagement and even enjoyment of what you’re doing!

You’ll even be able to scroll through them if you need to get at a specific question or comment that you want to address in the webinar, for whatever reason.

How does social feed integration help my webinar?

There are quite a few perks waiting for you in something like social feed integration, but here are the main ones that relate to your actual webinar.

● Improves enjoyment and engagement: When viewers can see that people are talking about your points using the hashtag in real-time, it helps them see that they are part of a bigger movement. It also shows that you're making an impact, and it can encourage everyone to pay more attention. For those who want to join in and tweet or post using those hashtags, it also improves their overall engagement.

● Brand awareness on your various feeds: Since you're posting using hashtags, in real time, with others chipping in, these can get trending after a while and this can help boost your overall effectiveness and rankings within social media. Since companies and brands often have a lot of competition, this is going to be a huge help for publicity.

● Long-term advertising perks: Even after your webinar, these hashtags and posts remain. This is fantastic for seeing when people engaged the most via social media, what they posted about, and how many people engaged with those posts. It’s also going to be long-term advertising, too!

How effective are they in real use?

The importance social media
The actual overall importance of social media can’t be overstated. It plays a huge role in making sure that the word gets out about your business to people who aren’t on search engines looking for you “just because”. It also really helps humanize your company so that you can move forward with the concept of proper community integration, too.

Now matter how you look at it, social media plays a critical role in your company’s overall appeal. So, regardless of what you thought previously, something like social feed integration is going to be one of the things that you can focus on enjoyment during the webinar itself, and long-term benefits online.

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