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Real Time Pulse Tracking During Webcasting

Real Time Pulse Tracking During Webcasting
Webcasting is going to be the way of the future, which means that tools like real time pulse tracking is going to be very important to understanding just how everything is working, as it’s actually working.

What is real time pulse tracking?
In its most basic sense, this tracking is focused on live, real-time analytics that are all about customer engagement. In several different forms, advanced technology will be able to assess, track, and log (for your viewing in real-time, as well as after the fact) the right kind of information that will give you feedback on how your talking points went over. The best way to understand something like this is to see just how it works through something like customer engagement.

How does gamification work in webcasting?

How can it be used for your event?
Let’s take a look at a few examples to show you just how this interactive cutting edge technology from V-Cube can be effective in webinars, webcasting, and other virtual event streaming and recording.

● Access to customers on demand: The pulse tracking is accessible from the start to the end of the webcast, allowing for customers to simply pop it up when they want to react, and then make it disappear again. It can also be prompted to appear and disappear if you so choose, as the webcast creator.

● Customized buttons: There are all sorts of ways to customize the available pulse reactions. This allows you to help people react in a way that feels authentic for them, and also relevant to the points being made. For example if a situation calls for the webmaster notifying of policy or rule changes, someone can like or dislike them. If webvcaster asks if people agree/approve or disapprove, the buttons can reflect that, too, to give real feedback as they are speaking.

● Repeated feedback throughout the presentation: At any point, customers can react using the provided buttons, even as they change and adapt from one part of the presentation This allows for a long-term reaction tracking both in the moment, and after fact.

How is this helpful?
When looking at something like this, its effectiveness can be difficult to see at first. The best way is to compare it to social media reactions. You know how watching live videos, you’ll see the different emojis pop up? It’s like this, but for business purposes. It helps users track how effective their content is, at what point they lose their viewer’s interest, and then use that data to help better their future webcasts.

The power of technology

It’s pretty strange to think that something this specific and accurate can be recorded and used later for analytics in improving your customer engagement levels, but it’s the truth! Even better, it’s used regularly and it has a serious and relevant role to play when it comes to your data analytics and long-term customer engagement.

If you are ready to upgrade to the modern world and want V-Cube to help you understand just what that is going to mean, then you’ll certainly want to include real time pulse tracking in your engagement suite, even if it still seems like something otherworldly! 

Live Stream Your Events

V-Cube will integrate these games seamlessly into the presentation so that those who are attending it virtually will be able to engage without glitches, frustrations or unnecessarily complications. Just access to the same games they would have if they were there in the room. The analytics are then tracked to help track engagement and use that for future improvements.

Meeting engagement like never before
Whether you just keep this as classic engagement, or you take a look at something like adding extra incentive through real prizes, you’ll find that it will really boost your overall engagement in webcasting. Perfect for everything from conferences to employee meetings to training sessions, it’ll really add a whole new level to the overall look and feel of a business-oriented get-together.

V-Cube is looking forward to helping you put together the right strategy of your planned virtual event. Regardless of what form it takes, gamification for webcasting engagement is going to deliver you real, tangible results that help you track engagement better than ever. 

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