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Interactive Web Broadcasting

Go live or on-demand with V-cube Webcasting

When you are looking for quality results on your webcast, having the right interactive web broadcasting tools is going to make all of the difference. If you aren’t sure just what those look like, you aren’t alone! That’s specifically why V-Cube is here to help. We are your solution to transform your webcasts into their best possible versions.

Here are a few services we provide:

How does interactive web broadcasting work?
There are several techniques for customer interaction that V-Cube uses to help enhance everyone’s experience for a web broadcast. These include:

● Audience-focused engagement tools: Designed to deliberately increase interaction between speakers on the webcast and the viewers who are tuning in. Instead of seeing it as supplemental, V-Cube understands it as being crucial to the success of the webcast.

● High-resolution video: The video footage itself is perfected to make sure your professional webcast is as high quality as you deserve. The video is designed to be as high resolution in your office as it is anywhere that it’s broadcasted for the same professionalism everywhere, on all devices.

● Affordable and high-quality video footage: Now you can enjoy the clarity and convenience of somet like satellite footage, but without the price tag. V-Cube webcasting is going to offer the same crisp, premium quality video that satellite does, but at affordable rates that male itp tactical for all companies that need it.

● Effective monitoring: All of this technology and interaction techniques are useless with taking a look at how effective it actually is in the long-term. V-Cube puts as much focus and attention to its monitoring system as it does into the actual interactive broadcast software itself. This monitoring will help you, the user, understand what is working and what isn’t so that any future webcasting tools can be modified and refined for the best results.

Going far above and beyond what is out there with standard companies, V-Cube is focused on the customer first. Since this is also going to be your priority focus, it will help you get the professionalism and level of detail that you deserve, but without having to go to more than one location in order to get it!

Webcasting for modern needs
It’s no longer good enough to have a webcast anymore. In the world where technology has progressed to its current place, you also need to be able to offer top of the line, crisp, clear and engaging webcast content. This means that you’ll have to really focus on those details like measurable experiences and level of engagement. V-Cube webcasting is your one-stop option to make sure that you can do just that with the added benefit of proper analysis of just how successful it was.

What it all comes down to, is that having a standard webcast isn’t enough. You also need to make sure that it’s encouraging your viewers to engage properly with it, and you as its creator. The key to doing that properly is going to be with interactive web broadcasting, and V-Cube will be able to help you get just the splash you need. 

Live Stream Your Events

When companies truly want to stand out from the crowd with their conferences and other events, the best way to do that is offering live webcasting so that people can tune in even from anywhere in the world even if they’re unable to physically attend the event. That’s where our first-rate team at V-cube comes in, offering top quality video streaming to clients of all sizes.

Our impressive roster of satisfied customers includes such global companies as computer giants Intel and Microsoft, telecoms leader BT, Ceasars Palace, Honeywell, and BMW to name a few. They’ve all booked us for live conference streaming and given us the highest possible ratings for the work we did. Let our team of more than 450 professionals demonstrate to you our streaming services and portfolio of examples.

V-cube On-Demand can have your content ready in 72 hours, rendered in FULL HD MP4 files and uploaded to a public or private, online video library for viewing. We’re that fast!

Let us help you with your next event.

When you book a project with V-cube you are booking the very best when it comes to producing live webinars. Whether it’s a panel discussion, remote solo speaker, or events split across several rooms with different presenters, we will capture it all and do so using high class equipment that ensures smooth webcasting with no interruptions.

V-cube is ready to help your next event. Please fill out our form and schedule a quick demonstration with one of our event professionals. Afterwards, we will provide you with a detail proposal for your review. Events start as low as only $1,500.00 with early booking.

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Our clients enjoy streaming their video and webcasting the real experience of attending conferences, seminars, and trade shows. Our passion focuses on helping your audience engage with your presenters and other attendees in meaningful ways during the live or on-demand event.

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