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Gamification for Webcasting Engagement

If you’re familiar with gamification for webcasting engagement then you know just how effective it can be in the right situation. If you’re new to the concept, though, you’ll find both its application, and its actual results to be nothing short of fantastic!

What is gamification, anyway?
One of the best parts of this kind of engagement tool is that it’s as simple as possible. It means gamifying -- making everything into a game -- your meeting or seminar as much as possible, whenever and wherever possible. It sounds impossible in something like a staff meeting, but with the right support and integration from specialists such as V-Cube, it’s very possible, and just as effective as you’d expect.

How does gamification work in webcasting?

The actual process of gamification in webcasting, using a few examples, will help solidify everything for you to see just how effective it can be when used correctly. Take a look:

● Identifying key focus features: Whatever you are putting in place for your webcast, the key points should be pulled from it ahead of time. Those are typically your notes and main focus points where proper engagement is really important. This will be your gamification focus.

● Integrating some form of game: It could be a pop quiz. It could be two teams competing with each other in games like Jeopardy. It might even be something a bit more creative like taking the points and writing a story or drawing a photo to encapsulate them. Whatever it is, the points to focus on are made into a game that immediately draws in interest and also forces them to pay attention -- even though they don’t know they’re doing it.

● Incentivizing people to play and win: Lastly, the carrot. You can’t have a game without a prize, right? You’ll need to give people a real reason to engage, play, and try to win. It could be something simple like a provided lunch in the workroom, or something a bit more personalized to individual winners, if you wish. Even coupons and gift packages are great!

Live Stream Your Events

V-Cube will integrate these games seamlessly into the presentation so that those who are attending it virtually will be able to engage without glitches, frustrations or unnecessarily complications. Just access to the same games they would have if they were there in the room. The analytics are then tracked to help track engagement and use that for future improvements.

Meeting engagement like never before
Whether you just keep this as classic engagement, or you take a look at something like adding extra incentive through real prizes, you’ll find that it will really boost your overall engagement in webcasting. Perfect for everything from conferences to employee meetings to training sessions, it’ll really add a whole new level to the overall look and feel of a business-oriented get-together.

V-Cube is looking forward to helping you put together the right strategy of your planned virtual event. Regardless of what form it takes, gamification for webcasting engagement is going to deliver you real, tangible results that help you track engagement better than ever. 

Live Stream Your Events

When companies truly want to stand out from the crowd with their conferences and other events, the best way to do that is offering live webcasting so that people can tune in even from anywhere in the world even if they’re unable to physically attend the event. That’s where our first-rate team at V-cube comes in, offering top quality video streaming to clients of all sizes.

Our impressive roster of satisfied customers includes such global companies as computer giants Intel and Microsoft, telecoms leader BT, Ceasars Palace, Honeywell, and BMW to name a few. They’ve all booked us for live conference streaming and given us the highest possible ratings for the work we did. Let our team of more than 450 professionals demonstrate to you our streaming services and portfolio of examples.

V-cube On-Demand can have your content ready in 72 hours, rendered in FULL HD MP4 files and uploaded to a public or private, online video library for viewing. We’re that fast!

Let us help you with your next event.

When you book a project with V-cube you are booking the very best when it comes to producing live webinars. Whether it’s a panel discussion, remote solo speaker, or events split across several rooms with different presenters, we will capture it all and do so using high class equipment that ensures smooth webcasting with no interruptions.

V-cube is ready to help your next event. Please fill out our form and schedule a quick demonstration with one of our event professionals. Afterwards, we will provide you with a detail proposal for your review. Events start as low as only $1,500.00 with early booking.

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Our clients enjoy streaming their video and webcasting the real experience of attending conferences, seminars, and trade shows. Our passion focuses on helping your audience engage with your presenters and other attendees in meaningful ways during the live or on-demand event.

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