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Education Videographers

We specialize in Education Videographers, Presentation Videography, PowerPoint Videography, Lecture Capture, and more.

Education Videographers

Are you seeking the best in education videography and seminar videography services?

We have been offering professional education videography and lecture capture videos across the country as well as internationally for more than 8 years and with an impressively large clientele under our sleeves.

We specialize in producing reliable and high quality multimedia and powerpoint video sessions that fulfill our clients expectations.

No venue or business project is too small or too big for us. We have worked with venues of all sizes and types—from the biggest to the smallest and our past projects include working with educational events, corporate conference centers, internal meeting spaces, hotel venues, bank venus, parks, boats, farms, and more.

V-CUBE Webcasting services, Seminar Videography Services
Education Videographers

Education Videography

Being among the top professional education videographers nationally and internationally , we are always aiming to upgrade our service, keep up with the latest trends and of course, offer reliable video and audio productions, just like we’ve been doing so over the past 8 years. Our customer-centered approach and attention to technical details is what make us stand out among the competition.

Our standard packages include among others the following advantages:

Full services for all production phases. We cover all phases of production–from actual lecture capture and powerpoint video slides presentation to the final editing of your files.  No need to hire anyone else for covering all these. Our packages are full-serviced and to make your life easier. We book our own hotel rooms and flights any where in the world you need us.

All packages are inclusive of travel and hotel expense!

We’ll carry out all the required sound and video checks once we get to your venue, 24 hours before the big event.  We’ll do our best to cover your conference event as smoothly as possible.

Just browse through the available packages on our website and choose the one that suits you best.

We can travel worldwide for your convenience.

Don’t hesitate…Call us now and take your conference event to the next level!

Conference Videography

We offer advanced premium HD equipment. Our conference video equipment include full HD cameras, multimedia production tools, tripod,cabling and encoders. We provide all the equipment so you don’t have to carry anything on your side. The equipment fees are also included in our proposals.

Full optimization of files. We know how frustrating getting files that are not optimized and not compatible with you or your attendees’ devices can be. Our video and audio content is delivered in an HD mp4 format that can be easily streamed through any regular device such as desktop, laptop, MAC, tablet, and smartphone.

Conference Videography
Education Videographers

We offer free Vimeo hosting.

Each of our packages features hosting in our business Vimeo account online, for up to 12 months without any extra charges. This is a great deal as you will be able to promote your video and audio materials right away with no down waiting time.


We carry out all necessary checks.

With us, nothing will be left out and we’ll do all the necessary tests and checks with our equipment on your venue, a few hours before it starts. This will ensure a reliable and faultless recording procedure–as they say failure to plan is planning for failure and so we do one initial check 24 hours before and a second final check on your hosting venue 90 minutes before it starts.

Once you contact us for a free initial consultation, we’ll give you a sample basic proposal as well as examples of similar projects to yours that we have produced content for in the past. We’ll then send you an official proposal that features everything to be covered and includes all possible fees. No hidden terms or fees and certainly no unpleasant surprises!

We currently offer a few fixed packages that cover most common events, venues and budgets. It all boils down to what you are looking for. If you can’t find anything that fits your specifications don’t hesitate to reach us for a customizable solution tailored to your needs. We always leave room for flexibility because we know that our clients as unique as we are.

Service Packages Include

  • Dedicated On-site Technician(s)

  • All Equipment (camera, computer, etc.)

  • High Definition Video and Audio

  • Recording and LIVE Production

  • Video + Timed PowerPoint Presentations

  • Each Session Saved as High Definition MP4 File

  • Online Video Library (12 months)

  • Customized Landing Page

  • All Rights to Content Belong to You

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