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Dependable and Mobile-Ready Webcasting for Associations

Dependable and Mobile-Ready Webcasting for Associations

Most of us never thought we’d see the day when we’d have to start looking at  webcasting for associations, but that day is certainly here.  We have to rely on technology now more than ever, and that means that we are going to be looking for the right professional support to help keep us on track.


Purpose-designed webcasting for associations

Perhaps you’ve seen platforms for education and medical work, but what about something like an association?  With needs that are distinctly different and just as crucial, why turn to V-Cube?  A whole lot of reasons, really, but here are the leaders that you can focus on to offer you the right introduction to just what modern technology can do!


  • Support with professional training: All of our workers are going to be experienced, professional, and experienced. This means that everything from set up to testing to running, to teardown is going to be handled and maintained by those who know exactly what they’re doing and how to do it properly.  Since a lot of glitches and problems in webcasting are due to people not understanding their own equipment, this can help ease a lot of tension!


  • Blend of in-person and online options: Some associations are looking for quarterly all-hands meetings in person. However, many have employees in various offices, or even in various time zones.  For that reason, we offer a unique blend of both in-person, online, and a hybrid combination of webcasting.  From live streaming to recording (more on that in a second), you can make sure that you have your selection of viewing and sharing how you need it to happen!


  • Recording and streaming as you need it: There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to your association. V-Cube is going to be your one-stop solution whether you’re for either/or (or any combination of) online, live and on-demand webcasting.  Since our world now exists outside of the room that we have our meetings in, it only makes sense that you should be able to put your association’s meetings together in one spot no matter where in the world anyone actually is!


  • Extras with our LMS: Last but not least, sometimes there is more to a meeting than meets the eye! That’s why we offer our innovative learning management system (LMS) to those who request our services.  This is customizable, accessible, and stress-free for both setting up and execution however you need it.  Just another way in which we try to make things easier for you.


Another reason to go with our services is that we focus on total clarity.  We offer easy to understand pricing that focuses as much attention as possible on the pricing ranges.  Up front, you’ll know everything that you need to so that you are always prepared to price and budget our services with no nasty surprises.

To make sure that you get the professionalism that you are looking for, and that you deserve, look nowhere else other than V-Cube when it comes to webcasting for associations.


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