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Conference Videographers

Professional conference videographers, seminar videography and performance videography services of unparalleled quality for all venues and conference types.

Conference Videographer Services

Do you plan on hosting a corporate/trade, academic, or community conference? Are you looking for the best traveling conference videographers?  If the answer is YES, you have landed on the right place!

We have been producing video content for conferences and similar types of events for years and managed to earn the trust of companies around the world. Just check our rich portfolio samples to get an idea of what we can do for you.

V-CUBE Webcasting services, Seminar Videography Services
Live Streaming Videography Services

Conference Videography

As one of the top conference videography companies in the industry, we offer up-do-date and premium quality videography solutions that can be recorded and streamed online on demand. Our team consists of project managers, expert videographers, tech support agents, engineers, multimedia technicians, designers, online marketers, and customer support agents all working together to ensure the delivery of video content services that surpass our customers’ expectations.

All of our members go through intensive training and are only working for our company–this is the secret to delivering top-notch and unique services that you can’t simply find everywhere else.

Traveling Videographers

We can work with virtually any type of venue. No matter how big or small a venue is or how its layout is formed, we can capture your conference on video from the most professional and flattering angles for your speakers and business or organization as a whole.

We produce easy-to-view video content on demand. If you or any of your invited attendees can’t make it to the event, we’ll hand you all the relevant recorded videos in an easy-to-view format that you can watch on demand.

Conference Videography

High Quality Video Production

We produce video content of the best quality formats. These formats include HD audio recordings, HD video recordings, and HD live or on-demand streaming options. Each of our recorded sessions is available in an MP4 file for future access.

We work with your own goals and budget. We initiate the whole process by taking your own goals in mind–whether you wish to increase attendee numbers and engagement, provide educational resources to your attendees or make your company more appealing to potential investors that will attend your conference or check it online, we’ll be on your side.

Conference Videography
Education Videographers

Get your files fast.

Whether you want a full coverage of your event or HD snippets of your speakers for a brief overview video or powerpoint presentation, you can rely on us.

Your files can be accessed on Vimeo for up to 12 months(after the date of delivery) and you can showcase any interested parties an overview of the last year conferences you’ve hosted, to increase participation and your ROI. It’s up to you who or how are you going to share your video content with.

Additionally, you will also have the privilege to assume all content rights–we won’t ask for any rights on your video content. All the produced work will be credited to you and we’ll just be the hidden actors that “play” on your behalf.

Service Packages Include

  • Dedicated On-site Technician(s)

  • All Equipment (camera, computer, etc.)

  • High Definition Video and Audio

  • Recording and LIVE Production

  • Video + Timed PowerPoint Presentations

  • Each Session Saved as High Definition MP4 File

  • Online Video Library (12 months)

  • Customized Landing Page

  • All Rights to Content Belong to You

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