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Compliance Webcasting

Compliance Webcasting Management and Services for Associations, Live Events, Live Streaming, and Live Conference services of unparalleled quality for all venues and conferences.

Compliance Webcasting

For companies, trade associations, non-profit organizations and others ranging in size from small to international there is a common need to ensure that people are up to date on the latest rules and laws affecting how you operate — whether it’s training staff or informing industry group members, an easy way to maximize audience reach at a competitive price is with compliance webcasting done by the experts at V-Cube.

Webcasting Services

Webcasting Services
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Live Webcasting for Associations

No matter where in the world your business or organization might be located, live webcasting for associations is considered the best way to get your message to a specific audience. For some this might involve giving presentations on the latest developments in a particular area of law affecting a business sector. For others it could be ensuring that employees are aware of the most recent rules affecting how they do work. We can stream any kind of event large or small, working from our offices across the world in France, Japan and the United States.

White Label Webcasting

If your team knows how to webcast but doesn’t have the necessary equipment, then consider using our white label webcasting option through which we’ll rent the latest audio and visual equipment that will guarantee the success of your compliance event. And through the white label service we can also ensure that while our company will provide the equipment, it’s your association whose name and logo will be solely associated with the video streaming event, ensuring maximum reputational benefit with the confidence in our latest technology.

Webcasting Interviews

One way to get your compliance message across through video streaming is by webcasting Interviews to discuss the topic that you want to educate others about. We can work with you to establish the perfect shots of an interviewer and interviewee talking about compliance issues, streaming it to the target audience regardless of the size. We treat every project with the same dedication and respect, from the briefest of videos aimed at just a handful of people through to multiple videos streamed at several locations at major exhibitions and other events.

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Webcasting Executive Messages

We can also help to spread your compliance message through webcasting executive messages, in which we guarantee first-rate video and audio of remarks from the head of a company, organization or association. At V-Cube our team has been doing this work for many years and can provide you tailor-made streaming solutions. We’ll even ensure that video of your event is securely stored in our online archive so you can return to it long after the important day has passed and can re-watch it without limitation.

Conference Videography
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Enterprise Webcast Management

We’ve performed these enterprise webcast management services for many different clients over the years, including BT, Microsoft, BMW and Intel, countless non-profits and other organizations, and many others who keep coming back to us for their online video needs.

Get in touch with our dedicated experts today to find out why we’re the top choice for compliance webcasting and to discuss your event needs with a free no-obligation quote.

Service Packages Include

  • Dedicated On-site Technician(s)

  • All Equipment (camera, computer, etc.)

  • High Definition Video and Audio

  • Recording and LIVE Production

  • Video + Timed PowerPoint Presentations

  • Each Session Saved as High Definition MP4 File

  • Online Video Library (12 months)

  • Customized Landing Page

  • All Rights to Content Belong to You

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